Monday, 13 March 2017

Catching Winks...

Alice was taking a late afternoon walk along by the river. Alice always loved her walks there... it was so peaceful and quiet, she would just walk and watch the butterflies and dragonflies as they danced along the river edge. 

She would quite often start her walk alone, but always meet someone along the way who would share her walk with her.  I wonder who it would be today thought Alice... Just then she heard a rustling noise coming from the long grass a little further ahead, she went to investigate... all of a sudden The Mad Hatter jumped out of the long grass, he was holding a small net on a long pole. After recovering from the shock Alice asked what he was doing... he said he was looking for something, and wondered if Alice would help him.  Of course!!! said Alice, what are we looking for she asked...    Winks!!!  said The Mad Hatter, acting all excited... Alice looked at him confused... he went on to explain that The White Rabbit had said that he would often catch 40 Winks down by the river.... Alice had never seen a Wink, but they must be easy to catch she thought, especially if The White Rabbit often caught 40 of them... the two of them set off down the river path both looking for Winks...

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